1994 Pontiac Bonneville

My car will not start. The battery is fine.

The car does not crank at all. The steering wheel had been getting hot before this all started. There was a couple of times it’d hesitated when turning the key in the ignition. Any ideas?

Heat in the steering column? Oh, not good. This sounds like an electrical short of some kind. The heat means a good flow of current, which can melt wires and get worse. Without the key in the ignition is there any heat?

The starting system has relays designed to keep the high current needed to turn the starting motor and crank the car away from the ignition switch. Yet, this heat in the ignition area indicates a short perhaps in the ignition switch itself and a lot of current. To me, this sounds like you should arrange a tow and not drive the car. A fire inside your car is something you don’t need.