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1994 lincoln town car smokes

After I drive my 94 town car which only has 76,000 miles on it, if i stop in traffic and let the car idle when i hit the gas i leave blue smoke

It is the valve guide seals. They started using an improved material somewhere in the mid 90s. It looks like after yours was built. The trouble with leaving it alone is that the relatively narrow EGR passages will get clogged up faster. This system was also revised in the mid 90s…

The valve seals can be replaced without pulling the head. Ask how at

Blue smoke indicates oil burning. How often do you check the oil, and do your need to add oil between changes?

How often do you change oil? We need to know these things.

I have to put a quart in every 2500 miles it is not leaking anything and only does this after idling. no smoke in the mornings after starting the car or while driving down the road. How much to replace these valve guide seals

Not worth the effort. Drive on. You might switch to Mobile-1 oil, which leaves little smoke.

Without a doubt Beads suggestion that the valve guide seals are shot is correct. Personally I’m willing to bet my morning muffins that a compression check would show that the cylinders and rings are pretty well worn out also.

Befire I bothered to spend any money here I’d do a compression check.

I have to disagree about the engine wear. If the vehicle was maintained properly, at 76K, it might well be less than half-way thorough an, otherwise, trouble-free life. The valve seals are a known issue with the early Ford Modular Motors. Still, it is a good idea to check any vehicle out very carefully before investing in an expensive repair.

One quart every 2500 is way lower than manufacturers? standards for new cars! I would just keep up with maintenance and try to ignore the little puff of smoke.

I noticed the mileage, but 76,000 in 15 years suggests a life of short trips.

I agree that a quart every 2500 is not indicative of a worn out engine. But I figured a compression check would be a good idea before sinking money into it. If it were me I’d want to know.

It’d be worth my morning muffins to find out I’m wrong…

thanks guys for the advice, what about going the cheap way and adding bardahl no-smoke, do you think it will work?

I would not use oil additives. Maybe some high-mileage oil at the next change. Are you using the originally-recommended 5-30 or the revised 5-20?

I just bought my first 5-20 do you think this will cure the problem

No, I would stick with the 5-30, especially in hot temps. I suppose it could be worse with thinner oil. One thing that you could try is a new PCV valve. It probably won’t help, but it is cheap. Often they cause oil consumption if clogged.