1994 Honda prelude vibration in steering wheel

1994 Honda prelude vibration in steering wheel. When I drive the car on the highway there is an intermittent vibration through the steering wheel. It isn’t speed sensitive. It is off and on even at the same speed. It will come in for about 5 min and then the car will drive vibration free even at the same speed. So I don’t think it’s a wheel weight. I checked the inner/outer tie rods, wheel bearing, ball joints and all are fine. Any ideas on this problem?

It still might be a wheel bearing.

Try this. With the tires off the ground, place your hand on the strut springs. Now slowly rotate the tires to see if a worn wheel bearing transfers it’s roughness into the strut spring.


How old are the tires?
It could be early tread separation on both front tires.
The vibration comes and goes depending on if the tires are spinning “in phase”.

I don’t think this is tire related. Wheel end vibrations - meaning tires, wheels or other rotating parts - are there pretty much all the time in the 50 to 70 mph speed range. Both the lack of speed sensitivity and the intermittent nature of the vibration points to something else.

How about CV joints? How about a dead shock?

“i don’t think it’s a wheel weight”. why not? if there is a balance problem with both front wheels, it could come and go as the imbalance points line up or cancel each other out between the left and right wheels. this is known as in phase or out of phase. this is always the first thing to check according to me. find a shop that will “road force” balance the wheels. if that checks out, continue diagnostics to the axles, bearings, balljoints, shocks, etc…