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1994 Honda Accord LX - Fix or Not?

I have a great running 1994 Accord LX with 140k miles, but plan to trade it in within the next 12 months. It has the following two flaws that I’m trying to decide whether or not to repair:
(1) Muffler is rusted out inside (but sound doesn’t bother me)
(2) Very minor oil leaks at two different engine gaskets

Should I invest in either of these repairs or just ride it out?

I would just ride it out. You won’t recover this money when you get rid of it within 12 months. Other than trying to make it look as clean as possible, I wouldn’t put unnecessary money into the car.


If you check the exhaust system out thoroughly and the internals of the muffler are all that’s rotted, than I agree…but not without a check up. An exhaust leak under the passanger cabin can cause exhaust fumes to enter the cabin and that can be dangerous.

Thanks all.
I did have the exhaust system checked out and manifold replaced last summer, so all should be good.

If you intend to trade it in, you may as well leave it alone. Fixing these things will not increase your trade-in value. Fixing the exhaust might make a slight difference, but they won’t care about oil leaks unless it is forming a puddle in their parking lot. If you intended to sell it privately, I would suggest fixing the exhaust before putting it up for sale. To a prospective buyer, a loud muffler screams “junk” and will scare them away for fear of big repair bills, but the $200-400 investment (depending on if it’s just an axle pipe/muffler or cat-back that needs replaced) will make the car much easier to sell and you could probably ask for more money for it, too.