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1994 Ford Ranger - Parked for over year - how to start

Vehicle has been parked for a year and a half. What is the best procedure to get it fired up again?

William since you did not say why it was parked it makes it a little difficult to answer . But you will need a new battery , fresh fuel ( the fuel in the tank and lines is worthless now ) and the tires are probably not safe. It might be best to call a shop so the fuel can be drained and disposed of properly.

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Along with the above, squirt some oil in the cylinders, leave the plugs out, and crank the engine. This will help protect the cylinder walls and get oil to the rest of the engine before attempting to start it. You might consider changing the oil and filter first.

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You’re going to need a new battery.

Remove the gas cap and sniff the gas in the tank.

If it still smells like gas, you lucked out.

Otherwise, the bad gas has to be drained from the gas tank and new gas added.

Check all the fluids.

When you go to start the engine, turn the ignition switch on and off a half dozen times to re-prime/pressurize the fuel system.

Turn the ignition switch to start, and cross your fingers.