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1994 Ford F250 7.3L XLT Alternator Removal

Okay, so after going through two batteries in two weeks its been decided that the alternator is not working.

I cannot afford the risk of being stranded at a shop with a broke truck while waiting for a mechanic to check everything. I have been told that I can just pull out the alternator and take it in by itself to get it looked at.

First question, can a mechanic check an alternator that isn’t attached to the truck it belongs to?

Second question, how do I get the alternator belt to release tension?

Here is a link to a series of diagrams, the belt diagram in the lower right for the 7.5L matches what I’ve got to work with. I’ve tinyurl’d the really really long url below.

There IS a belt tensioner but it doesn’t control the tension to both belt systems. I cannot find any instructions elsewhere in the Inter-tubes that tell how, specifically, the belt to the alternator is tensioned.

Any help?

So, is it the 7.3 diesel as indicated in your title ?
Or is it the 7.5 460 gas you speak of in your text ?

I miss keyed. I have a 7.5 but I bit the bullet and just started to tinker with things until I figured out which bolts to remove and in what order.

Thanks though.