1994 Ford F-150: do dual gas tanks mean dual fuel filters?

My truck has dual gas tanks, does that mean I have two fuel filters?

The only way to find out is to get it on a lift and trace the fuel lines from the tanks to the engine.

There is a sock filter on the fuel pump in each tank, then in the fuel line between the front tank and the engine there is an inline filter that is designed to be easily changed.

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Somehow, I suspect op meant to ask “If I have dual tanks, does that mean I have 2 in-line fuel filters?”

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That truck has the usual Ford in line fuel filter installed but it may also have a fuel filter in the valve assembly that controls which tank is being used.

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I personally have a 1991 Ford F150 with dual tanks. The in tank fuel pumps each have a sock filter on them, and the fuel line has one inline fuel filter that filters fuel regardless which tank it comes from. So, mine only has one inline fuel filter for both tanks.