1994 BMW 325i Auto Transmission

Just had auto transmission service done. Mechanic found plastic parts in front oil pan and said had no idea what they were. Parts are black plastic and appear to have originally been a black plastic ring approx. 2 3/8" outside diameter, thin and flat on one side and flat with small protruding plastic tabs on the other. Any ideas what this part may have been for or where it came from in the auto transmission oil?

Did he try to sell you a new transmission at the same time? Was this just preventative maintenance or were you having transmission issues and you had the fluid flushed hoping to cure an issue?

The issue was tranny defaulted to 3rd gear on start and computer indicated something like “transmission hydraulic pressure”. This happened only once and then cleared. Took it in for transmission service at suggestion of mechanic based on this problem.

Does your 325i have a sport/econ/manual switch? Clean the coke, ice cream and other crap out of the switch and see what happens. Common problem on the 7-series.