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1994 Acura Legend Hum and Smoke

OK, so go out to my 1994 Acura Legend, crank it, hear a loud hum that doesn’t go away, then bluish smoke appears from under the hood. Immediately shut off the engine and open the hood to release the smoke. Haven’t touched it since. Any ideas?

Sounds like your starter motor burned itself out. Right, have the car towed to a reputable shop and explain exactly what happened. Hope it in only the starter.

+1 for Docnick. To be safe disconnect the negative cable of the battery also.

Did the smoke have an acrid, sort of chemical smell to it? That would confirm the starter motor windings are probably burned out. Best to not try to start it until your mechanic determines the cause, as doing so could damage other stuff if the coil is shorted out, like damage to the ignition switch, safety switch, various relays, even the wiring to the starter motor.