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1993 Toyota Previa engine replacement

does anybody know if you can buy an engine for a 1993 Toyota Previa from Japan that has a low mileage because they don’t do oil changes over there?

They do oil changes over there, but why would you want an engine that had not had the oil changed.

You can get low mileage engines from Japan because their laws make it difficult to keep a car beyond the first required safety inspection. The problem with the engines is that life is hard for an engine in Japan. They have traffic jams that you cannot comprehend if you have never been there. It can take three hours to drive 7 miles. I wore one out in less than 40 k miles over there.

Thanks, just wanted to know if it was smarter to get an engine from over there or should i buy a rebuilt one from California?

When you consider how quickly vehicles are replaced/junked in Japan, as a result of their incredibly stringent inspection laws, I find it HIGHLY unlikely that you would find a 1993-vintage engine anywhere in Japan, except perhaps in a museum. Even if you could find a newer engine that was–in theory–compatible with your '93 Previa, it would probably not really be compatible due to differences in the ECM.

When 5 or 6 year-old vehicles fail their government inspection in Japan (due to a speck or rust or some other minor flaw), they are usually shipped in bulk to Vladivostok, Russia, where there is a very strong demand for these junked Japanese vehicles.

Start shopping around for a locally-rebuilt engine.

The CAR is not worth the price of replacing the engine no matter how you go about it. You will be better off buying a replacement vehicle with a sound engine that is 10 or 12 years newer…