1993 Toyota Camry / Control Arm

A few months ago I had the passenger side Control Arm replaced. Over a year ago I had them both replaced with after market parts. I went into the dealer and was told the reason the parts failed so soon was because the parts were aftermarket parts and that I should have them replaced with original Toyota part. When the passenger side failed again, I had the dealer replace it with an original Toyota part. Here’s the problem: after they replaced the one side with an Toyota part I took my car and immediately when making a sharp turn to the right the vehicle making a jerking motion. It was unnerving the first time. It felt as if the vehicle might turn over. I noticed that this only happen or mostly happen when making a turn to the right. Also, as I’m accelerating the vehicle will pull to the right the abruptly jerk to the left. What I was told by the dealer is that scene replaced the one side with a Original Part and the other side was an aftermarket part, the two not being of the same quality were what I felt he was saying that the parts were slightly different in size and would cause this problem. Has anyone had this problem or similar?

Sounds fishy to me. Can you measure the old and new parts to compare? Any play in the bushings?..mike

After they replaced these parts, did anyone bother to align the front end?? It’s almost certain there would have been at least some minor differences in the parts - OEM or not - which can throw it off. Out of line wheels can cause it to pull and perform other interesting feats.