1993 toyota 4wd truck

I have a 1993 Toyota four-wheel drive pick up, currently running antique tags on it and I’m wondering if I remove the catalytic converter, will I get better gas mileage? Will the truck have more power? Could it hurt anything? Since I’m running antique tags I don’t have to worry about inspection so I could remove the catalytic converter if I wanted to. Just curious as to what you guys think

Removing catalytic converter won’t change anything in the way the vehicle performs.

And if you get caught, the fine imposed will teach you a very expensive lesson.



Old fart thought, back pressure from the exhaust system is important, may not apply.

If the converter isn’t clogged, you’ll notice no mpg or power improvement by removing it. If you think it may be partially clogged, you can unscrew the pre cat oxygen sensor and drive the truck as a test. It will be loud. If you notice increased power, the cat is clogged. I had a 99 Tacoma that had the cat removed before I got the truck. No issues (other than a check engine light that a 1993 model wouldn’t have since I don’t think it will have a post cat 02 sensor). But if it isn’t clogged, I wouldn’t remove the cat. Nothing to gain, really.

Thanks for your reply, I don’t believe the cat is clogged, however I will look for the sensor and see if I can remove it to test it. Thank you for your time and your reply I do appreciate it

Thanks for the reply. I do appreciate it