1993 Subaru Legacy

The car is making a sound when driving. It was low on oil so i put some in it. The sound didnt go away. The oil guy suggest that the engine might be about to go. Is there anything else that it could be. I t makes noise when accelerating.

From a distance, nobody can tell you exactly what is going on with your engine.

However, when an engine is run while low on oil (exactly HOW low is a very vital detail that you omitted!), that can wreak havoc with sensitive bearings and other wear surfaces. And, when the engine is already 17 years old (and with an unknown number of odometer miles, as you also omitted this vital detail!) when it is run while low on oil, you can pretty well assume that the engine on its way to automotive heaven very soon.

Check the idler pulley for the fan belt tension. The bearing for it is a common problem as they ware out over time. Check to see if the noise is coming from it and if the pulley wobbles if you try to move it off line.