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1993 Sentra XE 1.6 / Automatic, Please help

I have a 1993 Sentra XE and having problems starting it.(Once in a while)… When
I try starting, I turn the ignition all the way to start but there’s no response.
All the light on the dashboard panel is all lit up but nothing happens, no
sound at all. I’ve changed the Neutral switch, the Starter, and Ignition relay(Grey
square) which is located at the fuse box engine side… sometimes it will start
and the car runs fine…smooth as a whistle… then when I re-start it again,
the same problem occurs…I have to wait for about an hour or so, then when I try
starting it again, it will start…I’m confused and it’s driving me crazy. I’m
afraid to drive the car on a long trip, I’m afraid it might not start at all… Can you
please give me some advice what to do next… by the way, the car battery is
good… Many thanks in advance…

(San Jose California)

Were the parts that have been replaced tested and proven faulty, or is someone throwing parts at the car, hoping one will work?

Testing is good, guessing is bad.

Neutral switch was corroded because of the battery acid drip., Starter was going out(very loud grinding noise), Autozone tested it and said that the bushings is going bad already… , Ignition Relay was replaced , per mechanic… it might be the cause of the problem… was not charged on the relay… with all this parts replaced,still having problems… still need your Help… Thanks.

How about the ignition switch? At this age it could be the problem.

There are two parts to the ignition switch; the lock cylinder and the electric switch. The electric switch might be worn enough to make correct contact only sporadically.

It is, after all, 18 years old.

If you have lots of keys on your key ring it adds to the possiblity of ignition switch problems.

Where is the " electric switch " located? Is it in one unit? and how do I test the ignition switch if it’s at fault… and how hard is it to replace?.. I thank you very much for the help… I hope this is the problem…

Best regards.

The electric part of the ignition switch is inside the steering column, under the lock cylinder.

If I were going to test this switch, I would use a service manual to guide me, and I’d probably have to buy a multi-meter, which I do not own.

Or I would pay a mechanic to do it. I trust my mechanic.

It’s not something I would attempt without proper instructions, tools, and test equipment. If you have those, then, by all means, go for it.

You could ask ten people “How hard is it to replace,” and you’d get ten different answers, depending on the mechanical/electrical ability of the person answering.

How comfortable are you with taking apart the steering column and the ignition switch?

You replaced the neutral switch, but it is possible that it is ever so slightly out of adjustment. When it won’t start, try jiggling the stick while holding the key in the start position. If that doesn’t work, put the stick from park to neutral.

Hello mcparadise, I’ll ask my mechanic to do the test,I know that he has the tools… about being comfortable in taking the steering column apart, I don’t think I can… but anyways,thanks again for the advise…

Hi Keith,
When the mechanic replaced the switch, he said he took it out and he put the new switch the same way the old switch was taken out. I even mentioned to him that there’s like a pin he has to use to align the new switch and his response is if it is not align, it won’t even start. He then put it to park and neutral and the car started right away… then he put it to drive and it didn’t start,he said if it’s out of alignment this wouldn’t start at all… I hope his right… but anyways I thank you for the help… one question, is there any other safety switch anywhere that I’m missing? again thanks…

It’s not supposed to start in DRIVE. It should only start in PARK or NEUTRAL.

It’s NEVER supposed to start in DRIVE.

Sounds to me like it’s working correctly.

Why is you mechanic still charging you money?

No, He’s not charging me anymore… Is the mechanic still missing stuff to check in order to fix the problem… pls advise… Thanks…