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1993 nissan altima won't idle after warm

My 1993 Altima (180K) now has 4 new fuel injectors, a new battery, new spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor. It runs nicely when started in the morning, but once it warms up, it will no longer idle and dies unless acceleration is maintained. The timing appears correct according to my Craftsman timing light with the inductor clip on the no. 1 wire; however, when the inductor clip of the timing light is placed on the 1 and 2 wires, the flashes are very intermittent and irregular, while on the 3 and 4 wires they are consistent (again, this is after warm-up; the timing light flashes on all wires are consistent when I use it first thing while the motor is cold).
Another factor in this scenario is that, before I replaced the fuel injectors, when the car was running very rough, it got a smog test (in CA) and the smog tech said he had to do an adjustment to get it to pass (which was never elaborated or written down-I was so thrilled it passed at all I didn’t ask). With 4 new fuel injectors, I wonder what that smog adjustment might have been and if it could be causing my problem now.