1993 Mazda Miata MX-5 - unsolved electrical problems

Has anyone had any unsolved electrical problems with 1993 era Mazda Miatas ?

This is probably the wrong place to post that question. A MX5 forum would be a far better place for info about this 26 year old car.

I will say that every wire 26 years old will be an issue. Corrosion of the connectors and grounds wil be an issue. Pinched or pulled wires with old, dry and possibly cracked insulation will be a problem to the car and to you trying to find the offending spot. Roll up your sleeves and start inspecting. Grounds first!

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let’s try things differently . . .

How about telling us what problems you’re having with your 1993 Miata, and we’ll try to help you


Thank you !

You can do a lot of research at www.miata.net. These are very reliable cars by design, but after all these years and who knows how many owners, accidents, bad roads and unimaginable mistakes, the car you are looking at is a mystery.