1993 Infiniti j30

This car has been nothing but a curse! After new tires, new alternator, spark plugs, new battery clamp…the car is not starting. “HICAS” and “ABS” lights began flashing before it died. Then, after it died, it would not start. Lights come on (faint), but battery was checked–fine. 11 some left. What could be the prob?

Corroded or loose battery terminal connections?

Truthfully, with a 16 year-old car equipped with lots of bells and whistles, there are lots of possibilities, but I would suggest beginning by checking those battery connections. That HICAS system is a pain in the butt that few mechanics can work on.

I have a feeling it is something like that. However, it was smelling pretty badly when we checked the hood. I know that there are some shorting issues because when I hit the brakes at all, the “bulb out” light comes on.

I know that I would probably be better off junking the stupid thing. Unfortunately, its my only car…call me a desperado!

UPDATE…we have discovered that the car’s battery is completely drained. When charged, it would not stay running because the battery was redrained not to mention, AAA’s battery pack was drained in the process. Sounds to us like the alternator. My problem–it has been replaced three times that I know of since June last year. WHAT would cause this?