1993 Chevy 454

I have a '93 Chevy one ton truck. Without warning the engine will miss…the service light will come on and the engine will run out of time. Turning the engine off will sometimes reset the timing. It usually does this after about 10-15 minutes of driving. I’ve replaced all common electrical components. Anyone have any advise? Thanks, S. Davis

If the engine is a 454 TBI, try the Yahoo GM_TBI group. They have been helpful with my 93 Caprice with a 305 TBI in the past.


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Ed B.

It could be an injector problem, Are you able to confirm it is running out of time or just misfiring?

or backfiring through intake or tailpipe. Anyone put a vacuum gague on it yet? have you scoped the engine in any way yet? Complete distributor or just parts inside distributor?

Junk it now and avoid the rush…

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