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1993 Caprice Long Term Storage

I just picked up a 2010 Cobalt (almost made it a week without a major recall, yay) and will probably to take my 1993 Caprice off the road for a year or two.

The trans fluid and filter were changed recently and the coolant is only year old. I was going to fill up the tank with fresh gas and Stabil and change the oil and filter before it’s taken off the road. I have a breathable cover for now, but am hoping to get it in the garage by the summer. I plan on starting it every month or two and let it idle 30 minutes to fully warm up the engine and exhaust. I have a Battery Tender to keep the battery fresh.

Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. Selling it isn’t really an option.


Ed B.

Make sure you use the double dose of Stabil their web site mentions for longer-term storage, and put it in right before you fill up (when you’re at the gas pump, I mean), fill up, then run the car for a few miles to make sure the fuel system is fully Stabil-ized…

With the battery tender, I don’t see any benefit to starting the car and running it every month or 2. Rather I’d start it and take it for a drive every 6 to 9 months. This will get the grease in the bearings moving, keep the brakes operating, etc. If you plan to drop the insurance coverage you might be limited in where you can “exercise” the car.

I plan on starting it every month or two

I would not start it at all.

I would remove that battery and take it and the battery tended into the house or some place away from the car. No battery means it is more difficult to steal. Few thieves come with batteries to fit all cars.

I would also make sure that the cover you are using fits very very well so that it does not move across the paint in the wind. Usually you are better with out a cover.

Check with your insurance company. If you are not driving it, you don’t need collusion, but keep the comprehensive active.


Thanks for the suggestions. My main reason for running the car occasionally would be to run some fresh gas through the fuel lines and the TBI.


Good thinking; but you need to thoroughly warm up the car before shutting it off to avoid condensation in the exhaust system and and the crankcase. Run it 10-20 miles or so at highway speed when you take it out.