1993 BMW 325is

I have a 1992 BMW 325is,

I had to have the gas tank replaced as it was cracked. That went well, but now the problem is… It starts right off first thing in the morning, one crank just like always. But if you drive and turn it off for greater than 15 minutes it is hard to start. have to crank it 3-5 times. like fuel is not getting to it. If you drive and stop and restart in less than 15 minutes no problem 1st crank. Ive tried turning the key on for a bit and letting the fuel pump work and then crank- no luck.

It always starts but seems odd. I tried fuel injector cleaner with virtually no results. Opinions?

Tomorrow morning try removing the gas cap (do you hear a air rush) and then replace it before starting the car. Report back.

I like where you’re going with that and would agree. When it won’t start, crack open the fuel tank cap and see what happens.

I took off the cap and there was no air rush either in the morning or after it was started and sat-- so no vaccum? does that mean there is an air leak and it is not pressurized??? on other cars, I typically get an air rush when the tank is near empty when I fill up. but I have to say I never really paid alot of attention!