1993 Accord has a squealling noise

My 1993 Accord has a squealing noise in the steering after driving for a about an 1.5 hrs. All The front suspension items have either been recently replaced and/or have all checked out fine. When the noise starts it happens on the slightest turn of the steering wheel in either direction.

Can you tell where the noise is coming from? Passenger compartment? Engine compartment? Under the car? Which side? Do you have power steering? A power steering belt that is slipping could cause this.

Have you checked your power steering fluid? I once drove a work truck that would start making a groaning squeal when you turned the wheel, even when parked, and we noticed that the power steering fluid was low. I am not sure what ended up being the ultimate cause of the problem, but we fixed it temporarily by topping off the fluid.

Without more info, we’re not going to be of much help. You’ll need to narrow down the area from which the noise is coming. If interior, it could be in the steering column. If underhood, it could be aux belt, lack of steering fluid, steering rack issues…
One easy fix is to simply stop the car after an hour and a quarter. Problem gone!

I drove for an 1.5 hrs. and then went to mechanic, we isolated it to the right front suspension. The squeak is loud when we push down on the right front fender. He put the stethoscope on the strut, control arm, and ball joint. He said he couldn’t isolate it. He’s going to do a more extensive diagnosis tomorrow morning,

Thanks @chipp21 for the feedback. May be some play has developed in one of the suspension bushings or joints, creating a vibration. Or the lube has gone dry somewhere.

Today, the mechanics have isolated it to the lower right front ball joint (again I had to go driving for 45 minutes to get the noise to occur). It’s a warranty item so I’m only going to have pay for labor. Let’s hope this solves the squeak, I’ll keep the site updated,

thanx everybody for the tips,


“It’s a warranty item . . .”

Please explain

There are concerns about the diagnosis and the way this is being handled.