1992 Toyota Corolla - tire pressure question

My car is recommended for 35psi tyre pressure what could be the problem if i inflate to 40psi ?

Why would you want to?

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Bumps in the road will feel a little harsher, and could damage the suspension a little more easily.
Steering will feel a little lighter.
Gas mileage will improve slightly.
Dry traction may decrease slightly.
Resistance to hydroplaning will improve slightly.

Many people (including mechanics for customers) add a few extra pounds to the tires to make up for pressure loss over time, especially since most drivers don’t check their tires often enough.

Since tire pressure changes with temperature, pressure should be checked when the tires are at their coldest.
I check on a cool morning after the car sits overnight.





This has got your name all over it, because you also have a 1992 Corolla

What pressures do you run your tires at . . . ?!


5 psi over is not cause for such alarm.
There are some hard core dogmatists here.

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I do the same thing. The ride is a little harsher (it’s noticeable). The amount you’re talking about will not deform the tire shape from its intended shape to a measurable extent. Being slightly overinflated is almost always safer than being underinflated.