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1992 Subaru

1992 Subaru Loyale Wagon. 4wd. 119,000 miles. Runs fine. Everything works

I just called on this vehicle. The guy sounds good and honest.

Is this a good buy provided it is what he says it is. He wants $1200

The good news is that this vehicle has the 2.2 liter engine, which is not subject to head gasket problems.
The bad news is that anyone who buys a used vehicle–especially one that is 20 years old–has to expect that there will be frequent mechanical/electrical issues with the vehicle that necessitate repairs and cause non-starts and other issues.

Unless you are a glutton for punishment, you need to have a mechanic of your choice do a pre-purchase inspection of this car.

Gloom n Doom. I understand there could be problems with a 20 year old vehicle but then there might not be.
Ive been driving a 1995 for 2 years and havent had any problem other than poor heater and now a leaky radiator.

I do appreciate the input


No, don 't touch it. It’s way too old and parts will be tuff to find. Though Subaru makes some good cars, I had a loyal and that vintage had it’s problems, though no more though no more then other’s, it’s nearer it’s useful life end then newer cars. Older Subarus were rust prone so depending upon your location, that’s another strike. A ten year old car with higher mileage woukd be a better buy.


Seems like it would net $500 to a $1000 as scrap metal nowadays, so might be worth a shot if it checks out fine. Just don’t get carried away putting too much money in it.