1992 plymouth voyager not starting

i have 1992 plymouth voyager iam getting spark from the coil to the distribuer cap but no spark from the distriber to the plugs and i replace every thing inside the distriber igination modul the roter cap the ditribuer cap and still no spark to the plugs.do u know what might be the problem

Check to see if the rotor in the distributor is turning when you crank the engine.

And the distributor rotor may not be turning if the timing belt, or some other part, is broken.

the distributor and rotor is turning it turns real slow but it turns but there is still know spark to the plugs

If you are getting spark from the coil but not from the individual spark plug wires, the distributor is turned or improperly installed. Is this the 3.0L V6, by chance?

yes IT IS A 3.OL V6

Since the rotor is turning then it would seem to me that the timing needs to be checked next. I don’t know the particular design of the engine but it sounds like a timing belt has slipped.

Okay, start by setting the distributor. Put the engine at TDC and line up the rotor with the #1 position on the distributor cap. Here’s the rub: in order to make the routing of the ignition wires neat and pretty, the cap is designed so the towers for the wires do NOT connect to the contacts directly underneath them. Your best bet is to consult a service manual.

You can, also, use a voltmeter (set on ohms) to check the distributor cap firing positions. Touch the inside of a spark plug tower (hole) on the top of the distributor cap with one probe, and a contact on the inside of the distributor cap with the other probe. Match up each tower with each contact. Mark the cap for each one.

Chances are if the cap was changed with an aftermarket replacement cap, the numbers are molded beside the terminals. That didn’t stop it from confusing the heck out of the service manager at a certain Canadian auto chain on my LeBaron…

i have 1992 plymouth voyager and i replace everthing in the distiber and the spark plugs sp wires and it was geting spark from the coil to the distriber but not to the engine and now its not even geting spark from the coil and it will not start still does anybody have any good ideas to help