1992 New ignition parts, drove all day, now no start no spark

I’ve posted about this car a fair bit.
It was having some rough start issues in the damp before I parked it for about a month.
It’s been damp out for days.
Crank no start this morning.
A distributor cap & rotor, wire dryer & starting fluid got the car going this morning.
I drove it all day, on & off at least a dozen times.
Drove 35 miles to a job.
Car fired RIGHT up when I went to leave. I flubbed the clutch a little bit, I think and the car died. Won’t start. No spark… As far as I can tell - it was dark. I used a slightly short-ish screwdriver, i THINK I got it on the contact inside the plug wire, and I definitely had no spark.
The check engine light in on when it cranks.
It MIGHT sound like it’s cranking a little fast? I might just be in my head…
Anyway I’m pretty sure it’s an ignition issue. I don’t think I hear the fuel pump prime, but I never did. After cranking it I hear a click from a relay, I THINK it’s the fuel pump relay.
So in the daylight - check again for fuel and spark of course
Ground issues, perhaps - the negative battery cable goes to a rusty bolt in a rusty chunk of metal.
Also when I changed the clutch the transmission ground got busted, we had to put a new ring terminal on it…
So I’m going to check those grounds first, but…
What else could cause a no spark on this car? What else to check on this car?
Coil specs?
Anything specific?
Help… The car is in a client’s driveway 30 miles away… Can’t afford a tow

Replace the ignition coil

Before I just throw a coil at it, I’d like to test the coil that’s on there…
Can’t seem to find specs though, or a test procedure
Also the inside of the dizzy is dry as a bone…

Clutch switch… Now that’s a thought.
Doesn’t line up with the damp etc… But it’s something to check for sure thx

And when i say i may have flubbed the clutch… I was in reverse, couldnt see, and I didn’t feather the gas right for this car, and it died.

Does the starter crank? if so, it’s not the clutch switch.

The grounds sound like a good starting point. But, again, if it’s cranking well, probably not the problem.

Yes, I figured you stalled the engine while you let go of the clutch lol.

I owned several Toyotas of this era.I had the coil replaced on some of them…same symptoms.

A faulty ignition coil can also lead to a no-start condition. For vehicles that use a single ignition coil as the source of spark for all of the cylinders, a faulty coil will affect the operation of the entire engine. If the coil fails completely, it will leave the engine without spark, which will result in a no spark, no-start condition.

Cranks like a dream

The secondary on the coil tested bad so I replaced it and checked and redid a bunch of grounds.
After hooking everything back up as soon as I hook the battery on the front flashers are flashing like the hazards are on but they’re not and now the car will not even crank

All you did that could cause that is the grounds. Check them again.

Nevermind that was the stupid 25 year old security system. It was the ignition coil