1992 Mercury Sable - Tire vibration

Front tires vibrate too much when brakes are applied. I have taken to three different shops over the period of 9 years and all they do change rotor ,brakes tires and the last time front cellophane stills rattled and shake and sometimes the disaster not and brakes lock.

That certainly sounds like warped rotors. Does the problem go away when they replace the rotors and then return after a few weeks or months?

I don’t know what “front cellophane” refers to, and I’m not sure if “disaster not” is a good thing or a bad thing.


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I think the OP meant calipers.
Could be original rubber brake lines are causing drag and warping the rotors.

Yes, on a vehicle that old, it is very possible–even likely!
Hopefully his calipers aren’t made of cellophane because that would be a definite disaster.

Spellcheck strikes again! I always spell check Spellcheck.

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The old carpenter’s maxim of measure twice, cut once could be applied to internet posting.

Simply typing something without checking for typos or misspellings–or something even more bizarre–before posting can lead to all sorts of very strange situations.

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A loose ball joint, wheel bearing, tie rod, tie rod end, or control arm bushing can also cause brake vibrations.

The car is near 3 decades old with ? miles and wear on any or all of those would not surprise me.

Just some food for thought. There were issues with the right rear transmission mount on this era of Taurus/Sable cars so it’s at least possible that the motor/transmission could be squirming around under braking and causing this. Easy to check; just eyeball the rubber and see if it is split and sagging.

Once at the Pull A Part and curious on the way out I eyeballed all of the Sable/Taurus cars near the drive and every single one of them had a broken right rear trans mount. Hope that helps.

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As a tire guy, I find it funny, but not the least bit unusual, that this is called a tire vibration. Language - how do it work?