1992 geo storm1.6

Ok i bought a 1992 geo storm 1.6 and it over heats we took out the thermostat and drained the water out of it filled it with anti freeze and some water changed oil and oil filter it has new air filter and we bypasted the r-fan it is still over heating but the weird thing about it is its speradic like it will be fine then it will be red lineing then it will go back a little bit above the half way mark on the temp gauge then it will go to three fouths then back red line then back down till eventually it just stays over heating so im baffled

I can think of some possibilities as followed.

  1. Clogged radiator, and or radiator fan not working.

  2. Defective water pump

  3. Bad head gasket.

  4. Restriction in coolant flow from something such as a collapsed radiator hose.

well we did try to see if it was a house but they seemed fine and the car is not blowing any smoke at all no white blue nothing its weird