1992 Ford Tempo - Fuses and PCM

1992 Ford Tempo V6 3.0L ATM overheating-fuses not connected to my problem, where’s the PCM?
New ECT and connector, fan runs only when hot wired, not even when A/C turned on. If ECT disconnected fan runs all the time. “relays” contained in black box (CCRM)soldered to a circuit board within. I took CCRM apart to look for obvious damage (a burned component, cold solder joint, etc) but afraid of desoldering relays from board to test. Can they be tested in-line? Possible ground fault somewhere? I have Haynes Manual-Totally worthless for my problem; one-page wiring diagram for my car. I need to know the pathway of wires from ignition to the final destination, the fan to try to test for continuity. Also has many fusible links involved (all wrapped in lots of insulation, no idea what’s in there or what they’re protecting (not even remotely covered in Haynes Manual) Please help, I’m a fairly intelligent woman who seems to know more about cars than any of the male friends I know, so no one to get advice from-PHEW!!!

Should be able to find the wiring diagrams here, sometimes it might take some searching through them.


The PCM may be above the passenger’s feet. It’s a good position in my opinion. I don’t know but my 85 Cadillac had it there. Have you changed the fan switch? Even though the fan motor runs when hot wired, the motor may still be too old to always work. Cheap to change usually. Get the one from the dealer unless you can get an exact match. If your PCM has a PROM chip, those things don’t usually fail and it’s worth more than the car anyway. Your Tempo is also too old to keep and I have always said to get rid of it if it has over 140,000 miles.

Thank you for your rapid response to aid my predicament. I looked but found nothing helpful yet, however,

much good info for future reference!

Appreciate it so much,