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1992 ford taurus 3.0 v6

cranks but wont run

First determine if you’re getting spark or not. If you are, then it’s not getting fuel. That can be due to a number of reasons, but that’s the first place to start.

no spark

no fire at all

any answers this guy is going crazy and needs help

There are a whole range of reasons why you might ont be getting spark, ranging from a dead igniter to a bad coil pack to a bad crank position sensor to a bad key cylinder.

And does “no spark” mean that the arcs aren’t happening or that the cylinders aren’t firing? If the latter, it could be a dead fuel pump.

Sorry, but with only the information provided it’s impossible to guess. Somebody needs to do some preliminary troubleshooting.

I’ll assume this is a pushrod Vulcan 3.0. Have you checked spark at the coil or at the end of the plug wire? If you haven’t done so, pull the coil wire and check for spark there.

btw-when responding, it would help with the remote viewing if you detail EXACTLY how you did whatever you did so that we can eliminate various steps in verification.

If you get it at the coil, but not the plug, it could be a rotor deal, or a timing chain thing.

If you’re handy, you can then apply power to the coil and momentarily ground it a few times to see if you then get spark. The connector, iirc, will make this difficult using the regular leads. So you make some. Remove the thing if need be. If you can produce spark from the coil, then your problem is relay/ignition related.

An Ohm meter may show if you have an open primary on the coil, but physically testing it is 100% assured in interpretation.

That’s all I can pull out of my behind at the moment without detailed feedback.