1992 Ford Explorer Starter/Flywheel shim

I have a 1992 for explorer XLT 2-wheel drive Automatic 4.0 engine. The starter started grinding against the fly-wheel. Changed the starter and the same thing happend. There is no shim for this starter. I took it down and clecked the flywheel–as much as I can see through the starter mount hole and the teeth on the flywheel are great. There is only the slightest point of impact where the starter is just grazing the flywheel. I also grabbed the flywheel to look for loosness, thinking it might have broken and/or warped and I just can’t see where it broken because of the small hole. It’s solid! It’s as if the whole thing just moved back about an inch and a half. Anyone out there have any experience with this? Oh, yeah, I texted both the old and new starters with jumper cables, and the make certain, I took them to the local parts store and they also texted them. While both of the starter were fine, I’m not! Any ideas?

william 969

With the starter removed, turn the engine over by hand at the crankshaft bolt so all the teeth can be inspected. If it’s automatic transmission the flex plate could also be cracked.


Thanks. . .That’s next on my agenda. Is it potentially broken on the opposite side and causing the alighment problem?

It’s possible. But you won’t know until the entire flex plate is inspected.


Thanks, Tester,
I can’t think of any alternative problems that could cause this. I’m probably just going to drop the transmission and get into it. It’s not that big of a job, being two-wheel drive.