1992 Chevrolet 1500 - Asking about old street rod resources

I have a 1952 Chevy street rod with the small Chevy wheel and lug bolt pattern. I’m looking for a set of chrome if available or stainless steel drilled brake rotor simulator. I have a set of 20inch set of aftermarket wheels on the truck. The old part number for the drilled stainless steel simulator is YD265170. Do any members know of a good online resource for such parts? If so, please add a link. Thank you

Does this mean you are looking for fake disk brakes to place between the wheel and hub?

Like this??


If so, why? Why not put actual disk brakes on the truck?

It is actually a 52 Chevy, but OP doesn’t say if car or truck.
But yes a disk brake conversion would be better in either case.

Sorry, I see in the text it is a truck.

With over sized simulated brake rotors the truck will look like it can stop from 45mph + but it won’t. But as often is the case image is what counts.

With oversized wheels/tires stopping that truck with the original drum brakes will be real tough.

20 inch rims would, IMHO, look, at best, stupid. But it is his truck not mine.
In reality the entire front suspense should be swapped out and then a disk/drum or four wheel disk conversion.

Be careful. When the ‘owner’ drives the truck and things go bad he could try to spread the blame.

And while the thread title specifies 1992 C-1500 a 1952 Chevy street rod is mentioned in the thread… I’m easily confused so you have succeeded marvelously in your effort.

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