1991 Volvo start up problem



My 1991 Volvo Turbo 940 recently is having trouble starting up, but only while still warmed up. It starts up fine first thing in the morning, but if I start it within 2 hours or so of shutting it down it will turn off if I don’t keep my foot pressing the gas peddle. Then it runs fine, with no idling or stalling problemn. This doesn’t happen every time, but often enough that it is a concern. The “check engine” light comes on sometimes, but not always.


Someone with a little mechanical ability can read the trouble codes for the check engine light. The instructions for doing it may be at www.autozone.com under Emissions Controls & Driveability. The spark plugs and wires should have been renewed within the last couple of years. The Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor is a suspect. If it’s lying to the computer, the computer won’t know it (no polygraph). == me_art12