1991 Dodge Stealth R/T Twin Turbo

My 17 yr son wants to trade a perfectly good 2000 Civic Si w/92,000 mi for a 1991 Dodge Stealth w/72,000 miles. I, Dad, do not think it’s a good idea. I know the RT is out of production, parts are hard to find and expensive. Can anyone please give me an honest review of the Stealth and comment on whether this is a good (or bad) buy/trade? We can sell the Civic for about $8500 and the Stealth costs $7500.

Thanks, lal

Its a terrible idea. I would simple find a forum on Sleath R/T or Mits 3000 and get the skinny on common repairs and problems.

IMHO anything over 15 years is a hobbyists /mechanics car or for someone with deeper pockets especially a technological tour de force. A 17 year old does not fit that bill.

No doubt the Stealth R/T / Mitsu 3k is the cooler car. However they are mechanically complex; two turbos, AWD, 4 wheel steering, adjustable suspension, etc. I’d heard that the transfer case in the eariler models were troublesome, and it’s a pricey repair. Also keep in mind that this car has like 6 or 8 CV joints which will fail sooner or later, which will be pricey to repair. With that said the Stealth will be a safer car and it’s supposed to be very forgiving to drive.

Seriously man, do you really think a high performance car is the right choice for a 17 yr old with limited driving experience and no fear of consequences?

I don’t know who’s footing the insurance bill, but you might want to check out the difference between the two cars. It’s likely to be astronomical.

Amen to TwinTurbo’s comments. Based on his Screen Name, he should be the one to know.

My insurance company charges a premium on any vehicles capable of accelerating from zero to sixty in SEVEN seconds, which are all too common now. I would urge your son to stay away from any high-performance vehicles until he can pay for the insurance, fuel, speeding tickets and hospitalization.

Does your son show interest in maintaining / restoring vintage vehicles? Have him start with a less powerful project car, one that is not currently running, and keep driving the Civic for now. You both will learn a lot.

way too much CAR, for a 17yr old.

same as crotch rockets (they need to put a limit on the age) NO RESPECT FOR POWER equals DEATH. simple.

I have a 12yr old ,and when grows up and speaks of power,because of here say,(I"ll try to teach him respect the power,by riding with him.)


he rides my bikes but nothing to worry about,except trees and the like. not other people (NO helmet,well lets just say he lost his bike for a month. due to being cool.


Based on my own driving experience, I needed a “little” luck to live until I was 25 years old. 25 is when a man’s brain is mature. Keep the right things on a mind for eight more years and it will be a good mind. In Science Fiction, there are lots of space ships, the good thing is that even if you could get one, you can’t afford it and the discussion would be closed. Single turbos are bad enough, twin turbos will need luck just to keep on spinning for a week. That Stealth is as good an investment as much as the Galactica is real. I am causing real trouble if the car is presently owned by somebody named Starbuck. Pleasedodgestealth.

I am 17 years old and i have a dodge stealth r/t twin turbo the 0 to 60 i just a little over 5 sec. that is not that fast. i had my car up to 150mph but the handling (if on sport suspenshon) is great. i say buy it for him yes its a sports car but the ladies love the car. the insurcance is about 550 dollors every 6 mounths (that is in my dads name). my dad would say get the car to. every one says the stealth r/t turbo is bad on gas but run premeum gas. on premeum my stealth gets 27 miles to the gallon. dont listen to thease people. they probley havent drove a stealth r/t turbo. my car has 107 thousand mils on it and it runs strong. i raced my stealth at the track and in the 1/8 mile i olney ran a 8.942. that is fast but i think a 17 year old kid can handle the r/t turbo. i am even gona supe my car up more. so get him the car and keep the extra $1000 for repars be smart about it. the dodge stealth r/t twin turbo is a great car.

Agree this is a terrible idea, and that car will be a money pit even if you can get all the parts needed to keep it running. Since your son does not have deep pockets, you will likely end up footing the bills.

This is a time where parental wisdom, no matter how unpopular with kids, has to rule supreme!