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1991 Acura Legend - Keep it or junk it

I have a 91 Acura legend with a blown head gasket. Would you fix it, replace the engine or let the vehicle go?

27 year old car with unknown history/condition/etc…LET IT GO

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I do know the history, one owner, sat in the garage for 7 years, just resurrected it and found the blown head gasket. Has 137,000 miles. Does that change your answer ?

Agree with @pyrolord314 Let it go.

Still, Let it go. The only way I’d consider spending $1.00 on this is if I got the car for free and replaced the head gaskets myself.

Sitting for 7 years…it takes a lot of work to get a car that has sat for more than a year restarted and going again. (short list of things you need, new battery, drain the old oil and replace oil and filter, drain out the old gasoline out of tank and fuel lines, clean fuel tank, new tires, most rubber components will need replaced, like radiator hoses…and this isn’t everything, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done). No it doesn’t change my answer, let it go.

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Sat for 7 years. Needs head gasket , tires should be replaced , all fluids changed ( especially brake fluid ) and who knows what other things it needs. This is what is called a money pit.