1990 Suzuki Samauri starter

I’ve replaced 4 starters and I’m ready to replace another. What would cause these starters to continue to die? I only drive the jeep as a farm vehicle and it’s not used everyday, but several times a month for sure.

Four starters in 18 years on a vehicle designe dto be used as a road vehicle but used only as a farm vehicle may not be unusual. Since its use is so outside of the design envelope it’s impossible to say.

Since it’s not used everyday, does it often take lots of cranking to get it started?
The days it is used, is it started over and over again?

I’m trying to get a feel for whether this application creates far more wear on tth starter than normally would be the case.

Post back.

To get a better idea of why these starters are failing you need to have a postmortem done on one. I surmise that you are getting these replaced under warrantee and so may not want to taint the warrantee. You might negotiate with the parts store to have them do the postmortem to determine if the problem is faulty parts or something that is causing to starters to fail prematurely. Are the bearings wearing out? Are the windings burning out? Are the brushes worn out? What is the condition of the commutator? Are there signs of extended cranking? Hopefully, the parts store will be as interested in the solution as you are.