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1990 Nissan Pathfinder - Backfires and other issues

It runs great first thing in the morning for a bout a half hour or so . Say I drove it to the store first drive of day ran super . 10 minutes later tried to drive it runs real rough backfires if you give it to much gas sounds like it’s running on only a couple cylinders now it wont even start oh and no response to throttle

31 years young. May be read for a complete makeover.

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Lots of possibilities. I’d look into the ignition system/distributor first. Timing could be off. A compression test would be a useful early step in diagnosis.

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Definitely have the timing checked, as shanonia mentioned. A good mechanic can go from there.

I have never seen a car that wouldn’t start respond to the throttle.

Wouldn’t start is a very vauge term. Do you mean the starter doesn’t crank the engine or there is just a click, or there is no noise at all when you turn the key?