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1990 GMC 1500 - Digital gauges gone wrong

Put a digital gages in 90 gmc and it’s draining the battery drove it 20 miles and died obviously I have it wired up wrong but can’t find the correct wiring diagram for what I’m needing

what kind of digital gauges? Brand, model etc?

Intellitronix from jegs

I just looked up the Intellitronix instructions. They could be more specific as to which original wires to connect to.

You say the truck died while driving it. That seems more like a charging issue than a gauge issue, assuming it died because of a dead battery. Can you give more details?

When I turned on the lights truck died won’t start the next day I unplugged the dash jump started it and no problems so something with the wires is not right

I don’t see getting help here. I looked over the installation instruction and watched a youtube video someone installing this into his truck. With all these wires and lack of clear instructions I can see that it is easy to make a mistake.

I kind of have a feeling that perhaps one of the ground wires is not properly connected. I think the only choice you have is reviewing your installation and tracing each wire from the gauges to their sources/sensors. A multi-meter with super long leads could make the job easier.

I’m still unclear as to exactly what happened when the truck died. You say you drove it 20 miles and it died. Then you say you turned the lights on and it died. What is the timeline of all of this? Before the truck died, were the digital displays working properly, showing oil pressure, temp, volts, speed, & fuel level as they should?

Once you got the truck running after the jump, did you plug the dash back in to see what would happen?

You seem to think the dash cluster is causing a parasitic draw that drains the battery. Did you verify this using an ammeter?

At first I thought maybe you tapped into a constant hot for the power to the cluster rather than a switched hot, but if that were the case the displays would probably stay lit up even with the key off. Which truck wire (color) did you use to connect to the red power wire to the cluster?

I have 1990 GM truck wiring diagrams I can refer to that may help decipher things…