1990 ford tempo



My 1990 tempo started to wander all over the road, when i let up on the gas pedal fast the car pulls to the left.


Sounds like your front end is falling apart…have a front-end shop check it out before you kill yourself or someone else…


My complements on keeping a Ford Tempo active for this long. I’d check the front wheels first, by switching them, unless of course the tires are badly worn initially. A check of the tread wear may reveal a problem. Torque steer may be “hiding” the problem til you let up on the gas. Obviously, the recommended front end alignment and worn suspension components are all suspect in a car this old. But I’d check the wheels first especially if it started happening suddenly. Whatever it is, as “Caddy” says, it needs to be fixed now.


thanks for the help. I bought the car last year only 68000 miles on the car.
the tires look ok I will switch the wheels first


will do thanks


Have the front end alignment checked every two years from now on. Some tempos can wear out tie rod ends fast.


Regardless of how few miles are on the car, it may not be a wear problem alone, but a rust/wear problem. For example,a simple stop bolt or a toe adjustment may have lost it’s threads or part fallen out; that could cause it to wander as well as a multitude of other rust weakened components. So it’s not miles alone on a 20 year old car that was “designed” with parts that could fail in ten just sitting w/o being driven.
Also, as you safely remove a wheel while car is on a “stand”, not a jack alone, check the the play in suspension components. That may scare you into having it towed to a garage instead of driving.