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1990 dodge e250 v8 knocking/clicking noise

ok my friends van is making alot of knocking or clicking noises it did it about a month and a half ago then it stopped but now its back.

when the engine is idle itll make a couple knocks use and then make a couple more. but when you start to rev the engine it makes the noise repeatedly nonstop until you take your foot off the gas. i think it may be a cylinder or rod but thats a BIG guess

any idea whats going on?

this is a van by the way

A knocking noise from an engine can mean a bad rod bearing or wrist pin. A clicking noise is usually from the valve train. A deep thudding noise is uaually from a bad main crankshaft bearing.

In any case, what you describe doesn’t sound good. Got another vehicle?


its kinda like a rapid clicking hard clicking that is. but ya im worried its bad as well