1990 bmw 325i electrical problem


HELP!!!Had new starter put in and car worked well. Upon starting the car, the next morning, no air/HEAT, blower, windows would not activate, no wipers if ignition was fully engaged. However, everything would work in ignition accessory position. i need my car to get to work. Please help.

It looks like you have to test your ignition switch. Also check the installation, make sure the wires are not crossed or damaged. Why did you replace the starter ?

Sounds like something is not right with your new starter wiring connections.

I think the 90 325 has 2 solenoid connectors, 1 of the connectors powers the K5 & K7 unloader relays which in turn power the fuses to windows, heater, wipers - that stuff. Those 2 relays also ground through the starter motor in the accy position.

One of these connectors may either be not connected or broken, I’d start there since it was the last thing that got messed with.

The other solenoid connector provides power via the alternator, this could explain why you are getting power in the accy position. I’d have to check the circuit schematics to confirm that.

I had to replace the starter because the car stopped and the mechanic who is certified, and works at the import repair determined that the starter was the issue.

Twenty years, that’s all you get, even with BMW’s…

"Twenty years, that’s all you get, even with BMW’s…

Except for the 30 and 40 year old ones…

I know a guy who drives his 1968 2002 to work every day. 300K+ miles.

I sold an '84 318i with 280K miles several years ago. He brought it back for brake work last year with 331K.

Scudder is on the right track. Even certified techs don’t know everything about every car. Show his info to your mechanic. He should be able to find and fix the issue, and he should do it for free since he caused it.