1989 New yorker,will not start after warm up


I have a 1989 new yorker with a 3.0L engine,after runningit to operating temp,it will not start.Not putting out any codes.Replaced fuel pressure reg, auto idle motor and fuel filter (has plenty of spark).Any suggestions??


These suggestions are just generalizing.

Dirty air filter,
Bad engine ground connections,
Fuel not reaching the injectors,
Loose connections in the ignition system.
Faulty emissions system.


When it won’t start, it has plenty of spark? It’s getting too much fuel, or, too little fuel. To check for excess fuel, while cranking the engine, HOLD the gas pedal to the floor. As (if) it starts, ease up on the gas. If that doesnt do it, it may be too lean. Using a can of automotive starting spray (available at auto parts stores), pull a small hose from the large black plastic tube on the engine intake, spray a three second spray into the big tube, put the small tube back in, start the car. If the car runs for a few seconds, and dies, it’s gas-starved. Try these things and tell this board the results.


When the car won’t start, listen for the fuel pump “prime” sound from the gas tank when the key is first turned on (before cranking). Start problems can be caused by a failing fuel pump. If the pump is OK, I would replace the ignition module … another item prone to heat failure.


Warmed it up and shut it off, wouldnt start, sprayed starting fluid into intake and it started and ran, but to hit the accelerator it falls on its face and dies.


I checked the fuel pump pressure when it wouldnt start and had about 50 psi, but I have heard that they will lose pressure after running awhile, this one bled off after a minute or so.


Another common source of this kind of thing is the fuel pump relay.


If the fuel pressure is ok when the trouble is occurring then you may need to see if there is a injector failing to open to deliver the fuel. Since the starter fluid trick worked (one of my favorites) it looks like the problem is in that area. There may be an electrical problem causing the injector to stay closed.