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1989 Ford Festiva won’t idle

My 89 Ford festival will not stay idling. It runs good if I run it at about 3 rim I’m guessing. Is there a possible vacuum leak? It try to idle on start up

OK, we know the car is a Festiva that won’t idle. That’s all you told us that I can understand, as I don’t know what 3 rim is. Is that 3000 rpm?

From that we all will be guessing as to the problem just like you. sure, a vacuum leak can cause that… But so can a hundred other things.

If you’d like a bit more help, we need to know a lot more about this car.

Sorry I was tired when I wrote that. I meant to say that my 89 Ford festival starts but will not stay running for more than a few minutes. It’s getting gas. Was wondering what could be the problem