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1989 Ford E350 - Couple issues

Overheating and throttlebody or cable sticks at 160 degrees without a thermostat

If you want help, you need to explain your problem far better than this. And add details about this truck - engine, mileage, transmission, is the check engine light on, for how long, what’s been done to fix the problem… the works.

Use a block tester to determine if you’ve got combustion gases in the coolant. Follow the instructions. If the fluid turns yellow, that’s a bad sign. Could be a blown head gasket, cracked block or bad lower intake gaskets, depending on what kind of engine you have. It could also be a few other things, but you’ve got to start somewhere.

Do you even have enough coolant in the radiator . . . ?!

I believe this van should have an old school fan, which should lock up at a certain temperature. Is it doing its job? When it’s locked up, so to speak, you should hear it roaring

Is the pressure cap on the radiator, or on the reservoir? Can you look inside the radiator? Does it look like chocolate milkshake in there?

As for the throttle cable sticking, have you at least thoroughly cleaned it. I’ve seem cables sticking due to severely gummed up throttle bodies. You might even have to remove the throttle body for a proper cleaning.