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1989 Ford E150 - engine blown?

1989 ford truck. took it on a trip about 50 miles away . cheack tje ilo look as to be aboit qurt low. so we drive aboit 100 miles . got home and had to take the same trip as we done the night before . but the other half( live in .) . checked the oil and (said it was low ) . I was a bit surprised to hear this cuz it usually doesn’t use too much oil. So he added two more Courts Plus a oil cleanerb something I can’t remember what it was so 3 quarts of oil added to that on top of it and he started his up and it had no oil pressure whatsoever he drives it to town comes back about an hour later and it sounds like the engine is blown still has no oil pressure . he drove it about 10 miles without any oil presser. and the over flow tank has really dark right now. What do I do please help me

Get it towed to a good independent mechanic and be prepared for the news that you either need another engine or another vehicle. this one is likely done.




NEVER, I repeat never drive an engine without oil pressure.

I did have one case where newly rebuilt Ford product lost oil pressure close to work. I drove the car to my work place, about 100 feet, removed the oil filter, and ran the engine long enough to see that the oil pump was not pumping oil. The next day, I dropped the pan, removed the oil pump, saw that the oil pressure regulator valve had punched through the case, and replaced same. After that the engine had full pressure and ran fine. So there is hope if the problem is found earily.

The coolant overflow tank wouldn’t be involved unless there’s a head gasket leak. It’s possible the low oil pressure is b/c of a faulty sensor, not actually low oil pressure. Have a shop measure the actual oil pressure using their gauge. Usually if there’s no oil pressure you’d hear really strange noises with the engine even at idle rpm. Do you?

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As soon as whomever started the engine in the van and saw that there was no oil pressure that is where the story should have come to a pause for repairs. Not sure what possessed anyone to decide to continue to run the engine let alone actually drive the vehicle after verifying that there was no oil pressure. I really dont know what to say about that except that it should have never ever have happened. I mean what did they think would occur?

I dont believe that the engine would have made it 10 miles with no actual oil pressure…unless the gauge was incorrect. If it sounds like the engine is blown it more than likely is…but it would have “blown” via oil starvation so it would have seized up and not run afterward…the overflow would indicate a blown head gasket/s as well.

If any of this post is serious and not a joke… you need another engine. If you do get another engine and there is no oil pressure…it would be “good” if you didn’t run or drive it after verifying the oil pressure is around zero psi.

Thank you for all your information. Could over filling the oil 3 q to full blow the engine

No…but running it low on oil can… You have to ask yourself where those 3 qts of oil went and how long and hard the engine was run during this time frame. How and why are we asking this question though? If you needed 3 qts to top off the engine, how then, or when are you overfilling it? Not sure where this question comes from…lol. Overfilling an engine will cause problems but it wouldn’t kill it, it can blow out oil seals etc…but not much else unless we are discussing severe overfilling with like 5 or more qts above the full line, that sort of thing.