1988 van gas pumps

how hard is it to drop one or both gas tanks on a 1988 E-150 Ford van. it has been sitting for almost two years with a small amt of gas in each tank 3 to 6 gals each maybe. i have been told to drain and clean tanks and test pumps , i didn’t think this could be done off the vehicle. the hi- pressure pump seems to work , although it is questionable as it has pumped bad gas and a mechanic says it shows a low psi reading, and he believes the in tank pumps might be ok. Once this is done maybe it might start, but last time it ran rough and backfired. I can’t justify spending much money on a vehicle of limited value that my wife wants to get rid of anyway

If you want to save money, I would drain tanks and replace with fresh gas and a fuel system additive and let it run to see if it’s going to run ok!

Do you want to drop the tanks to empty them or test the pressure? Sounds like too much trouble. I’d stick a hose down the tank, use a pump to syphon out the old gas. Add fresh gas and see what happens. Check fuel pressure under the hood.