1988 Toyota Truck overheating

I started the truck after having not used it for several months. When I drove it I was suddenly having an overheating problem. There has not been a thermostat in the car since I bought it from the original Arizona owner about 10 years ago… I also live in Arizona and I’ve never had overheating problems.

The radiator is original but I’m not sure about the water pump. There is a leak but I cannot tell if its coming from the water pump or the radiator.

I’d like to do the repair work myself. How do you suggest I troubleshoot?

Check the radiator from the back of it. If you see any fins missing between the tubes, you need a new radiator. Corrosion doesn’t stop while the truck is parked. That’s the first trouble I would shoot at.

See if you can get hold of a cooling system pressure tester.