1988 sj6

HI My 1988 jaguar it don’t matter whether the weather is hot or cold it will run great for about six or seven miles then it will just shut off like you turned the key off. well then you can wait about 15 or 20 minutes and ti will start and run fine for another few miles off again. Need help.Thank. Art.

You’ll want to post this on a Jaguar forum, it may be one of their unusual problems.

Sounds like an overheated coil. Next time you take the Jag out, carry some water with you. When it cuts out, pour the water over the BODY of the coil. Keep the water away from the tower area, where the wires connect. If it boils off, the coil is too hot. Once cool to the touch, try it again. If it starts right up, there’s you’re problem.


Not just a Jag problem
Benzes of the same era also had coils which would “open up” when hot

Or you might just need a new gas cap.

@keith -good idea. @Artamust - try (carefully) driving with one of the caps (it has two, right?) loose, see if the same thing happens.

does this engine in the 88 use a control module to fire the coil cause in my expirience whenevr I’ve ran into this problem it had to do with the control module

I just confirmed that it does have a controle module and that it is a very expensive part so you’ll want to see what procedure is used to test it but as I said in my experience this is a very typical way for them to fail as they get warm and lose continuity inside then cool and work again similar to what has been mentioned about the coils.

Any car with a traditional coil was subject to the same kind of failure and the test was always to cool it with liquid.

Or heat it with a heat gun and see if the spark pulse disappears.

You need a shop. Someone who can attach the proper diagnostic equipment and perform the proper tests to determine the source of the problem.

I grounded the secondary from the coil to the engine and put a test light to the negative post on the coil then had someone to crank it . the light did not flash indicating bad computer but where is the computer located? 1988 xj6 Art.

I know this is car talk but i though i would ask . I got a belarus farm tractor and i need a left rear axle for it. Maybe someone out knows where to find. Tractor is model 2000 series 2011.