1987 Toyota Supra - What Gas to use?

Normally aspirated. Can I use Regular Unleaded, 10%Ethanol gas in my vehicle??

Been hearing some lately that Premium is unnecessary in many vehicles.

This is a high-performance engine with high compression. I have an '88 Supra, and owner’s manual states minimum 91 octane REQUIRED. This means, premium on this car is very necessary. Use lesser grades at your own risk.

What does the owner’s manual say? Personally, I wouldn’t use anything but premium in a Supra.

Of course, you use supra gasoline. That’s what Supra means. [Selective hearing?].

I have a 1987 non-turbo Toyota Supra that I bought new. I’m sure our manual recommends 87 octane but my wife drives the car to work everyday so I cannot confirm it for you at the moment. I have used unleaded regular 87 octane from day one with no problems. However, I don’t use 10% ethanol gas as it is not generally available in my area.

I had an 88 Supra and I have never had a car that was as sensitive to the kind of gas I used as it was. After a lot of trial and error I never used anything but high octane Chevron.