1987 Mazda b 2000 emissions

I can’t pass emissions because the truck always runs rich. What is causing this? It has 187000 miles on it and we can’t find the problem. Please, can any body help?!!! The carb has been rebuilt.

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OP What kind of truck are we looking at? What year?

Sorry. It’s a 1987 Mazda b 2000

1987 mazda B2000

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Carb’d vehicles running rich usually means the idle mixture screws aren’t adjusted correctly, or the choke isn’t fully de-choking once the engine warms up. Mid-80’s carbs can be quite complicated, as the manufacturer often had to add electronic control gadgets to them in order to pass emissions. Those complications were a major motivation for them to switch to electronic fuel injection in the late 80’s, early 90’s.

So, as far as the carb goes

  • make sure the choke plate is fully open when the engine is warm
  • re-adjust the idle mixture screws according to Mazda’s procedure
  • verify any electronic control gadget which affects the carburetor is working correctly

It’s also possible the engine isn’t getting up to full operating temperature b/c of a faulty cooling system thermostat.

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Thank you very much. I was also told to check compression. I have to get to a garage. Thanks again.

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