1987 Jeep Cherokee laredo battery and alternator replaced

Hello. I have a 1987 jeep cherokee laredo 4x4 6 cylinder. about 2 months ago my car died while running and I replaced the battery and then the alternator now it died again 2 months down the line and I exchanged my battery and it worked but it died the very next day. I checked to see if any of the wiring on the alternator was bad all looks clean and good. I havent checked the alternator to see if it is still good yet but I dont know why it would work for 2 months and then die. Please give me any possible solutions. thank you

Start it & connect your voltmeter to the battery, does it read around 14 volts?

You didn’t replace the battery and alternator because you checked them and found them defective, did you? You can do so, now. How? You can go to an auto parts store and they will test the battery and alternator at curbside, for free.
After the checks, you can check the wire connections from the battery to the power distribution center, and the grounds from the body, engine, frame to the battery negative post. You might need someone to show you how to do the checks…a friend, or other instructor.

I would also suggest checking for a high dark load.

I don’t know what a high dark load is please explain and I had both tested and both were bad both times I’m in the process of putting a new alternator on now

I find it unlikely that some defect outside of the battery and alternator caused both to go bad twice. You may be just that random unicorn that happens along every so often. I had a 1986 Tempo that had three shorted batteries in a row. How can I say this right? They all gave 100% service between bouts. You would be going along for weeks or days and all of a sudden you would have the dash go crazy and no start. Replace the battery …fine for months …same deal. The 4th battery solved the issue. …oh, yeah, the left head light would burn out shortly before the battery shorting out. Yes, it sure sounds like I spotted BIG FOOT and a herd of unicorns.

What I think the other poster means by “dark load” is one present after the engine is off.